San Antonio Hard Drive Shredding

San Antonio Hard Drive Shredding is the No. 1 choice in hard drive or media destruction. Our state-of-the-art shredding process inflicts irreparable damage to your hard drives and ensure that your personal and confidential information is protected and kept safe. We are certified by the National Association for Information Destruction, guaranteeing that we adhere and are committed to the highest ethical standards and practices of the shredding industry.

Why Shred or Destroy Your Hard Drives?

You probably think that "deleting" a file will do the job. However, this is actually not the case. Although you or common people will probably be unable to recover deleted files, criminals of today are very tech-savvy. They have devised ingenious ways to recover these files. Afterall, a "deleted" file is not completely erased. It is only tagged as additional storage space for future use. In fact, forensic investigators have special techniques to recover deleted files from computers, gadgets and other technology.

With identity theft and fraud plaguing every corner of the globe, it is essential for every individual, family or business to practice proper disposal of hard drives and similar items that contain personal or private information, because if these land on the wrong hands, it can destroy lives. Criminals will not hesitate to take advantage of easy and illegal ways of making money. So whenever you have old or defective computers to dispose of, make sure that the hard drives are properly and securely destroyed. At San Antonio Hard Drive Shredding, we do not simply "wipe" or "delete," we physically destroy hard drives so that your data will be deemed irretrievable.

Are there Alternative Methods?

There are some ways to "delete" data from hard drives and similar devices. These include magnetic destruction (degaussing), use of software and over-writing. However, these are time consuming, expensive and risky. Unlike shredding or physical destruction, these alternative methods leave no trace or evidence; thus, providing opportunity for temptation by less than trustworthy service providers. Also, degaussing and use of software are only applicable for functional hard drives.

Our Services

San Antonio Hard Drive Shredding specializes in the destruction of all forms of media such as, but not limited to, hard drives, paper, X-rays, CDs, micro-films, and the like. Our service can be done "on-site" or "off-site." If you want to observe how our process is done, we can go to your location and have the shredding done in your facility. Otherwise, we can pick the items from your location and have them shredded in our location. Either way, you can guarantee that your data will be protected and kept safe. We would not last for years if it were not for the trust and confidence of clients in us.

For individuals, families or businesses with hard drives and other forms of media that need to be destroyed, give San Antonio Hard Drive Shredding a call. We will be glad to help you out. Browse through our website for more information.