Dallas Hard Drive Shredding

When it comes to hard drive destruction, Dallas Hard Drive Shredding is your No. 1 choice! Our state-of-the-art shredding process provides visible evidence that your hard drives are completely destroyed, ensuring that your most sensitive information will not fall into the wrong hands! Unlike many of our competitors who simply "Wipe" the data from your hard drive, we actually destroy it!

Importance of Hard Drive Shredding and Destruction

In our present age of information, it has become important more than ever for individuals and businesses alike to protect their private and confidential information to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous people who take advantage of others. Aside from careful and responsible use of information when doing online transactions, it is also essential to practice proper and secure disposal of computers or other gadgets that contain these personal data. This being said, what better way to do it than through hard drive shredding and destruction.

Why is "Deleting" Not Enough?

Simply "deleting" files or folders in your computers is not a surefire way of getting rid of a data permanently. With the technological advancements of today, certain people have devised a way of retrieving those data which have been deleted. In fact, legal forensics have special techniques for doing so. When a file is deleted, it is only tagged as available space for future storage. It's still in there and can be recovered through certain methods – methods which are also being practiced by fraudulent individuals.

Alternative methods such as over-writing, degaussing (magnetic destruction) and the use of software are not only time consuming and expensive but are also risky. Additionally, software verification and degaussing only work on functioning drives.

At Dallas Hard Drive Shredding, we specialize in hard drive shredding and destruction. With our high-end equipment, we are able to destroy your hard drives "on-site" or "off-site." We can go to you facility and have the procedure done in your location while you observe first-hand, or we can pick your items and have it shredded in our facility. Either case, we guarantee utmost security of your hard drives and protection of your personal information.

Dallas Hard Drive Shredding specializes in the destruction of all forms of media, including, but not limited to, hard drives, paper, micro-films, CDs, X-rays, and many more. Our process is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction which guarantees our commitment and adherence to the highest ethical standards and practices within the industry.

Keep your family and business safe from fraudulent crimes through proper and secure hard drive or media destruction. For more information of our services, give us a call today. Dallas Hard Drive Shredding is your trusted and reliable partner!