Media Destruction and Shredding Services in Houston, Texas

We are a Certified Member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and have achieved the Highest Level of Certification to date for Computer Hard Drive and Non-Paper Media Destruction! We specialize in all forms of media destruction including, but not limited to Paper, Hard Drives, Micro-Film, X-Rays, CD's, and much more!

Receiving a price estimate for your Non-Paper Media Destruction can be extremely complex. Our pricing structures are simply not listed on our website because there are so many different factors to consider when selecting a destruction service. Prices are based on volume, and the method of destruction you require. Pricing structures are based not only on your volume, and method of destruction preferred, but other factors as well, such as where you are located and how often you'll need our services. The more detailed information you can provide to us regarding your needs will greatly assist us in providing you with the best possible quote on your project!

Contact us today for more information! One of our Secure Destruction Specialists will be happy to assist you!